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Best Engineering Software to Accelerate Plan Reviews For Building Officials

Save time on building plan reviews with an all-in-one structural analysis platform.

User-friendly structural analysis and calculation tools for wood, steel, and concrete sections, used by some of the largest counties in the United States, from Virginia to Nevada.

Eliminate wasted time

Eliminate time wasted using clunky spreadsheets and speed up your team's review turnaround time.

Easy collaboration

No more clunky and argumentative shared drives or sending files over email! Everything is shared inside ClearCalcs so you can easily collaborate on projects.

More accurate results

Get far better quality and efficiency than spreadsheets with highly accurate FEA calculations and dynamic load path tracking between members.

Why Plan Reviewers Uses ClearCalcs

Efficient Structural Analysis

Simple structural design tool without clunky spreadsheets or hand calcs.

Quickly analyze beams, columns, and other structural elements within minutes.

With ClearCalcs user-friendly interface, you can easily input the required parameters and obtain accurate results in no time.

Save valuable time to efficiently assess the structural integrity of various projects without missing department's KPIs.

It's nice to have something like ClearCalcs where we can quickly jump in to spot-check the beams and columns. As plan reviewers, we don't have a lot of time to check, so it has to be quick.

Wayne Bolen
Structural EngineerMunicipality of Anchorage

Built-In Codes and References

Streamline your review workflow with local codes and design standards integrated seamlessly in your projects.

Set your projects to integrate seamlessly with local codes like CBC 2022 and FBC 2020, so you can rest assured that your designs are always up-to-date and compliant.

ClearCalcs has you covered for a wide variety of materials and construction methods per AWC, ACI, AISC AISI, so you can confidently tackle any project.

What I really like about ClearCalcs is the way it's updated all the time and features added to it.

Anthony Mcmahan
Combination Plan Review ManagerFairfax County

Custom Templates and Workflow

Build templates and processes customized to your team's needs.

Create pre-defined templates for frequently encountered design scenarios, so you can save time by simply selecting the appropriate template and making necessary adjustments instead of starting from scratch.

Access and work on projects simultaneously, regardless of your physical location.

Share project files, make real-time updates, and provide feedback. Empower your team to work efficiently and effectively as a cohesive unit.

It's very quick. Some of the settings you can set up, like the code edition, your snow load, and wind load. You can put those things in and save them, and for every project that you pull up it will go back to those defaults and you can, you can do your computations in a matter of a couple of minutes. You just plug in the information, and it spits out whether it'll pass or fail.

Anthony Mcmahan
Combination Plan Review ManagerFairfax County

Calculation presets for your most common structural calculations

Powerful, easy to use software with a library of thousands of common structural sections and a broad range of everyday structural calculations.

I am usingBuilding Standard, and I want to know what ClearCalcs has available in the regularly updatedcalculation library.

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