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Design & analysis - powerful results in an easy to use package

Easy design and analysis

Easily analyse, design and document stuctural members including beams, columns, frames, and retaining walls

Load path tracking

Load path tracking

Create load paths though a structure with load tracking and change notification Allows member reactions to be applied as loads to other members with automatic load case transfer. (eg. link beam as point load to another)

Interactive diagrams

Interactive VMD diagrams

Easy to understand diagrams for loads, shear, moment, and deflection with interactive hover so you can see design actions at a given point.

Interactive diagrams

Save time with Autosize

Autosize eliminates trial and error design by automatically choosing the most optimal member from your list of preferred sections.

Powerful FEA Package

Our beam and portal frame analysis modules combine powerful FEA with an easy to use interface so you don't have to waste time specifying fixicities, members, and nodes.

Custom section builder

Custom section builder - coming soon

Easily create a custom section for use in our calculations.

Cantilever Patch Point Moment Loads

Support for cantilever, patch, point, moment loads

Apply unlimited patch, point, and moment loads to beams with as many fixed or pinned supports as you like, at any location along the beam.

Saved time and peace of mind - modern cloud engineering

Instant recalculation and autosaves

All computations are recalculated on the fly and autosaved as you go. Instant answers, with no risk of losing your work.

Unlimited file storage and backup

With unlimited storage and backup across multiple secure locations, easily look up past projects you or your colleagues have done with no need for troublesome VPN or file transfers.

Easy printing

Quickly export to PDF and print computations for entire projects or select sheets with ease.

Traffic light checks

Traffic light checks

Easy to use traffic light checks indicate the utilisation level of a beam so checkers can see at a glance whether the selected member is optimal or failing.

Work anywhere, any device

ClearCalcs expands or shrinks to the screen size of the device you're using, so you can work comfortably in office, at home, or on site.

Always up to date

Always work with the confidence that you're using the most up to date templates and features with no install required and multiple weekly updates.

Flexible licensing

Easily add and remove users each month as work demands require with no lock in contracts or up front fees.

Calculations - everything you need to work quickly

Wide range of calcs

Wide range of calculations

ClearCalcs has a constantly growing range of calculations for timber, steel, concrete and more, all rigorously engineered to local standards.

Comprehensive database of section properties

ClearCalcs has thousands of constantly updated common section properties for steel, timber, and concrete members available to choose from and look up. When more info is needed on a specific member, simply click to drill down.

Preferred sections only a click away

Easily set preferred sections on a project to make it easy to share client preferences and get the best section faster.

Easy template swapping

Swap between timber and steel templates in a flash and keep all of your settings and inputs.

Member schedule with easy export to AutoCAD

ClearCalcs automatically generates a member schedule as you work, with member sizes, marks, and notes included for easy export to Excel or CAD.

Support & training - Supporting better engineering

Eliminate black box

Eliminate the black box

Eliminate dangerous assumptions and ensure seamless handover to checkers with the ability to display all references, checks, and formulas by clicking any field label.

Help widget

Help widget and videos

Our help widget automatically suggests helpful articles and short videos based on what you're looking at.

Live chat + email

Live chat and email support is available on demand for any questions you may have. We have a philosophy of never getting asked the same question twice, so our help content is constantly updated as we receive new questions to help other users.

Free training webinars

Join our regular training webinars as we discuss new and upcoming features, as well as answer user questions.

Constant updates

Our team meet weekly to discuss user feedback and ideas and prioritise accordingly. Because ClearCalcs is delivered by the cloud, we are able to deliver updates multiple times a week.

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