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Streamline Engineering Calculations

Perform fast, intuitive engineering calculations without labouring over hand calculations or firing up clunky FEA software.

With ClearCalcs, you can quickly design and analyse beams, columns, frames, retaining walls, and more — all from a single platform.

“With ClearCalcs, framing calculations are now the easiest part of my job.”

- Damian B.

An example of the AS4600 Steel Beam Calculator

Link Your Calculators Dynamically

With ClearCalcs' load linking feature, reactions between members as point loads or line loads are dynamically tracked, so the loads inherited into the lower member are always updated automatically.

No more copy pasting reactions between two or more calculations.

“The program basically does the work for you... Wow, I can finally throw away the last of my spreadsheets!”

- Jason Michael Neal, Engineer, J. Michael Engineering.

An image of load linking modal in ClearCalcs

Produce Beautiful Reports

Standardise your organisation's documentation and impress clients with professional calculation reports that make assumptions clear.

All calculations follow an easy to understand traffic light check system, with multiple levels of print available to provide only as much information as required.

“I love how ClearCalcs displays the mathematics and assumptions involved in getting to the answer. No more hidden magic in Excel.”

- Adam M.

An example PDF report of the AS1720.1 Timber Beam Calculator

Take Your Calculations With You

With a wide range of calculations, section library of thousands of common steel and timber members, and the ability to create custom designed cross-sections, ClearCalcs is the perfect companion for engineers who need fast and reliable calculations.

Best of all, these calculations are instantly available on any internet connected device.

“The ability to access and complete calculations from anywhere allows me to meet deadlines without worrying about licenses or sacrificing time at home.”

- Andrew G.

A screenshot of the available engineering calculator selector

Generate Ideas and Verify Faster

Getting the most out of engineering software shouldn't require weeks of training. ClearCalcs makes accurate FEA design easy with minimal input required to get a first result in only minutes.

With easy swapping between materials, and all references and assumptions available at the click of a button, it couldn't be easier to verify and refine calculations.

“It has given me and my colleagues a greater understanding of the formulations, and confidence to discuss these with our clients.”

- Daniel S.

A screenshot of the automatic member selector

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