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Generate calculation reports that are sure to impress

Get a deeper understanding of your calcs with code references and demand-to-capacity ratio checks in one place. No more black-box calcs!

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Print the entire project or a specific calculation sheet, you choose

Print clear, concise documentation with references back to codes and standards to make checking and documentation a breeze. Get exactly what you need with multiple levels of print detail and the ability to print entire projects or specific calculations - it's your choice!


Calculation output that permit reviewers love

The one-page calculation summary is all you need to submit to your local permit review or building department. We built the report format with permit reviewers to ensure all the most important information they need is captured in your report!

Every major checks and references at a glance

Every ClearCalcs calculation reports include any standard references and design codes you use, simple pass/fail to indicate your design's demand-to-capacity ratio, bearing length, your maximum and minimum loads, load reactions, and many more to expedite your review process.

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How to Export and Print Your Calculations

1. Create your calculations

Create your calculations for your design. For example, if you want to find out the load reactions between a roof rafter to your columns, create a Wood Beam: Roof Rafter and Wood Column calculations in ClearCalcs. Want more tips on how to create your first calculation, check out this resource.

2. Export an entire project or a specific sheet

When you're ready to export your work to print or PDF, all you need to do is select the 'Export' button in the left hand sidebar to begin the process. You can either export the entire project, or select a specific sheet to export.

If you'd like to quickly export a single sheet, you can do this directly by selecting the export icon in the top right of the screen. To print one page per calculation, select 'Summary' print mode.

3. Customize your calculation reports

Group all your calculations in one project and give your project a name and address - this will be printed out as your headers when you export your calculations, making it easy to refer to.

You can also organize your calculations sheets in the order of your requirement as well as add your organization's logo to your project so that when you export your calculations, the whole deliverables are ready to go to your local building permit's department!


I think our calculation packages for submittal are more organized (and attractive) than before. That makes me feel more confident in our submittal process.

Jim Fanjoy


Brittell Architecture

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