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Structural analysis and design with lightning-fast calculators. Increase team productivity with loads linking, easy export, and code references.

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Speed up your commercial structural engineering workflow

Team Collaboration Made Easy

Dynamic Load Path Tracking

Comprehensive Database of Wood, Steel, and Cold-Formed Steel Sections

Team Collaboration Made Easy

With a great range of easy-to-use calculators for beams, columns, footings, and lateral loads, ClearCalcs provides everything you need for efficient light commercial structural design calculations for your team. Duplicate project templates and review shared projects so you can save time and ensure fast project turnaround for your clients.

Dynamic Load Path Tracking

No need to copy and paste reactions between calculations! If the top calculator's reactions change, the loads being inherited onto the lower calculator will update automatically. This includes all loads such as dead, live, snow, seismic, and wind.

Comprehensive Database of Wood, Steel, and Cold-Formed Steel Sections

Bring your structural design to life with common wood, steel, cold-formed steel, and concrete section types and brands like Louisiana Pacific, Boise Cascade, Global LVL, ITI, Wesbeam, etc. Quickly swap material and sections to optimize your design in minutes, not hours.


“Here [at Criterium Engineers], we seem to get one request a week: ‘Hey, if I put this steel beam on the bottom of this 200 year old timber, how much strength do I get?’ Getting a program to do that versus spending hours writing through that is something that we're highly interested to save time.”

Nathan Powelson

Project Engineer

Criterium Engineers


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Save your design calculation time with dynamic load path tracking

Simple structural design tool without clunky spreadsheets or hand calcs

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