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Free Beam Analysis Calculator

Use our free FEA beam calculator quickly model forces on a beam and draw diagrams for shear, moment, and deflection


Free Moment of Inertia Calculator

Quickly create custom cross sections and calculate moment of inertia (second moment of area), centroid, warping constant, plastic modulus, and more.


Free Diaphragm Analysis Calculator

Free and easy to use diaphragm analysis calculator for max shear in their diaphragm as well as the loads going into braced wall lines.


Free Steel Bolt Group Analysis Calculator

Free and easy to use calculator for the analysis of numerous steel bolts, considering in-plane shear and moment loads.


Free Bushfire Attack Level Calculator

Free and simple to use bushfire attack level calculator for quick BAL evaluation.


Free Section Properties Library

Browse our database of thousands of steel, timber, and cold-formed steel section properties for free.


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