Free Engineering Section Properties Library

ClearCalcs has a constantly updated database of thousands of timber and steel sections, saving the need to waste time trawling through manufacturer catalogues. Use the tool below to see properties and cross section diagrams for common steel and wood sizes.

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How to Use the Section Properties Library

The ClearCalcs Section Properties Library allows you to get quick properties and cross section diagrams for the thousands of sections available in the ClearCalcs cross-section database.

To get the section properties for a steel, timber, or cold-formed steel beam, simply select the database you would like to draw from (for example, US Steel Section database) and then select the section you would like to see properties for. Section properties will appear on the right, including moment of area and section modulus.

How to get custom cross section properties

If you would like to get the cross section properties for your own custom dimensions or built up section, try our our free moment of inertia calculator which lets you build your own custom section.

How to use steel and wood properties in an engineering design

To truly streamline your engineering, sign up for a free ClearCalcs trial today and use our expansive cross-section database to easily design steel, concrete, and timber according to Australian, US and EU Standards. A ClearCalcs accounts also unlocks advanced features such as linking loads between beams, as well as additional powerful calculators for a variety of other structural elements.

You can also take these cross section properties from use them in our free beam calculator.

What sections are available in the section properties library?

The section properties library draws on ClearCalcs' cross-section database of thousands of steel, timber, and cold-formed steel sections. Some common shapes available include steel i-beams, s-beams, square hollow sections, cold-formed zees and cees, t-beams, and others in imperial and metric sizes.

Sources used include national standards, various manufacturer catalogues, the AISC Steel Manual 2016, AWC/ANSI National Design Specification 2018 & Supplement 2018, and the SFIA Technical Guide for Cold-Formed Steel Framing Products 2015, rev. July 2017.