Load Path Tracking

Save your design calculation time with dynamic load path tracking

All your load reactions are dynamically tracked from roof to foundations. No more copy pasting reactions between two or more calculations.

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Link the reactions between members as point loads or line loads

With ClearCalcs’ load linking feature, reactions between members as point loads or line loads are dynamically tracked, so the loads inherited into the lower member are always updated automatically.


Dynamically track your load path from roof to foundation

Save all your calculations within the same project and easily link reactions between beams, columns, and foundations as point loads or line loads where applicable. In this way, you can dynamically track loads through a structure.


No more copy pasting reactions between calculations

No need to copy and paste reactions between calculations! If the top calculator's reactions change, the loads being inherited onto the lower calculator will update automatically. This includes all loads such as dead, live, snow, seismic, and wind.

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How to Link Loads and Reactions Between Calculators

1. Create your calculations

Create your calculations for your design. For example, if you want to find out the load reactions between a roof rafter to your columns, create a Wood Beam: Roof Rafter and Wood Column calculations in ClearCalcs. Want more tips on how to create your first calculation, check out this resource.

2. Link beams to columns or columns to footings

Once you have created your calculations, click on the chain link icon to link a load (reaction) from another calculator in your project.

3. Check the calculation updates automatically as you change your parameters

If you make changes to a beam which is linked and bearing onto others, make sure to check those sheets to ensure they are still passing (you can see their status in the sidebar or member schedule).


The program basically does the work for you...Wow, I can finally throw away the last of my spreadsheets!

Jason Michael Neal


J. Michael Engineering

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