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Reach 30k+ Engineers Worldwide with ClearCalcs Partnership

Why partner with ClearCalcs?

Are you a software provider, manufacturer, Standards-Developing Organization (SDO), or engineering Firm? Join ClearCalcs' mission to make structural engineering calculations easy for every engineer worldwide.

Grow Revenue

Expand your business offering by building new products easily and quickly with ClearCalcs calculator builder expertise.

Dedicated Support

Get a dedicated team to support you with product training for existing and new features.


Out-of-the-box marketing opportunities for your brand such as email marketing, webinars, social media and videos.

Robust Calculator Engine

Accelerate Engineering Design with ClearCalcs: Speed and Precision in Building Structural Calculators and Applications

ClearCalcs empowers you with cutting-edge technology and easy authoring tools to design and build structural calculators and applications with unmatched speed, ensuring efficient engineering workflows.

Leverage ClearCalcs' experienced team in developing rapid and reliable structural calculators and applications to expedite design iterations, reduce manual errors, and increase overall productivity.

ClearCalcs has established strong alliances with reputable organizations like Standards Australia, MAFI, and ITI Australia, underscoring our commitment to quality and compliance and offering you confidence in our partnership.

Our customers now have access to instant verification of their choice of structural support, with highly detailed calculation output.

Nigel Topp
Director UKMAFI AB

International Standards

Precision Engineering Solutions by ClearCalcs: Accurate Structural Calculators and Applications Built to International Standards

The ClearCalcs team has a proven track record of millions of global design calculations that adhere to rigorous international building codes and standards, including Australian Standards, ASCE, AISI, ACI, and more.

Rely on ClearCalcs' expertise and attention to detail in creating precise structural calculators and applications, providing you with the tools needed to optimize your engineering processes and ensure accuracy throughout your projects.

Partnering with ClearCalcs ensures your engineering manufacturing solutions meet the highest industry standards, enabling you to deliver accurate and compliant designs with confidence.

Frankly, I would prefer it if ClearCalcs was kept secret. They have proved to be a superb partner, with deep knowledge of structural engineering, and is a delight to work with. But don’t tell anyone.

Nigel Topp
Director UKMAFI AB

Expand Your Reach

Unlock Global Engineering Reach with ClearCalcs: Expand Your Audience to Tens of Thousands of Engineers Worldwide

Gain access to our extensive community of tens of thousands of engineers worldwide, including a strong presence in the United States and Australia.

Leverage our robust APIs to supercharge your engineering tool with cutting-edge calculation capabilities, transforming it into a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of engineers around the world.

Tap into our agile and off-the-shelf marketing toolbox so you can get your products to your customers faster.

ClearCalcs has delivered a beautifully presented suite of tools that gives us a huge advantage when it comes to the level of service we offer with our products. The live dashboard ClearCalcs created for us allows us to see the rapidly increasing uptake of the tools by customers and helps us target our sales efforts.

Nigel Topp
Director UKMAFI AB

Calculation presets for your most common structural calculations

Powerful, easy to use software with a library of thousands of common structural sections and a broad range of everyday structural calculations.

I am usingBuilding Standard, and I want to know what ClearCalcs has available in the regularly updatedcalculation library.

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