Cold-Formed Steel Beam Calculator to AS 4600:2018

Easy to use online Cold-Formed Steel Beam software for Australian & New Zealand standards.


Perform fast and accurate Cold-Formed steel design with the ClearCalcs AS4600:2018 calculator. Using the new direct strength method provisions, and with a broad database of common Australian cold-formed steel sections, the CFS beam calculator enables the fast, accurate design and analysis of light gauge steel sections.

Presets Available

Presets enable you to quickly design a wide range of different calculation types using smart, prefilled settings to save time.

  • Generic Beam
  • Rafter
  • Roof Bearer
  • Underpurlin
  • Strutting / Counter-Strutting Beam
  • Verandah Beam
  • Hanging Beam
  • Ceiling Joist
  • Roof Lintel
  • Wind Beam
  • Floor Joist
  • Floor Bearer
  • Floor Lintel
  • Retaining Wall Sleeper

Key Sections in the Cold-Formed Steel Beam Calculator

  • Design Criteria
  • Web Hole Properties (AS 4600:2018, Cl D1.1.2)
  • Loads (AS1170.x)
  • Line Loads
  • Wind Loads
  • Member Properties
  • Load Case Analysis (AS1170.0)
  • Unfactored Load Analysis (AS1170.0)
  • Nominal Section Moment Capacity (AS 4600:2018, Cl 3.3.2)
  • Member Global Buckling Capacity (AS 4600:2018, Cl
  • Member Local Buckling Capacity (AS 4600:2018, Cl
  • Member Distortional Buckling Capacity (AS 4600:2018, Cl
  • Shear Capacity (AS 4600:2018, Cl 7.2.3)
  • Bearing Capacity (AS 4600:2018, Cl 3.3.6)
  • Combined Bending and Shear (AS 4600:2018, Cl
  • Combined Bending and Bearing (AAS 4600:2018, Cl 3.3.7)
  • Effective Second Moment of Area (AS 4600:2018, Cl 7.1.4)
  • Deflection Analysis

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