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Structural Design and Calculation Software for Residential and Light Commercial Projects

Is your current structural design workflow slowing you down?

We offer easy-to-use structural analysis and calculation tools that are automatically integrated with design standards and building codes.

More accurate results

Get far better quality and efficiency than spreadsheets with highly accurate FEA calculations and dynamic load path tracking between members.

Easy to understand

Impress clients and checkers with professional, transparent, and easy to understand calculations and quick export to PDF.

Help when you need it

Need help? Our customer support is built right into our platform. With a single click you can talk to one of our talented engineers.

Why architects use ClearCalcs

Codes & Standards References

Level up your structural knowledge without sacrificing work efficiency

Get the design codes & references when you need it, where you need it. No more searching through PDFs!

The more you use it, the more you learn

Know exactly which formulas are used in your calcs, never be in the dark again

It has everything you need in a structural design software for architects.

Jim M.
ArchitectVJM Architecture

An illustration showing ClearCalcs platform with easy to input feature to generate results in seconds

Streamline Engineering Calculations

Simple structural design tool without clunky spreadsheets or hand calcs

Eliminate long lead time with calculations you can take with you, anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use software that is easy to learn and use, with intuitive inputs so you can get the job done faster.

Optimize your design and reduce your project cost with our helpful member selector.

For as much as I have used it - I love it and look forward to using it more; especially as the Clearcalcs' design team rolls out more and new features in continuing to develop this software.

James B
Senior Structural Designer

Structural Design Report

Generate calculation reports that are sure to impress

Print the entire project or a specific calculation sheet, you choose

Calculation output that permit reviewers love

Every major checks and references at a glance

I think our calculation packages for submittal are more organized (and attractive) than before. That makes me feel more confident in our submittal process.

Jim Fanjoy
ArchitectBrittell Architecture

Calculation presets for your most common structural calculations

Powerful, easy to use software with a library of thousands of common structural sections and a broad range of everyday structural calculations.

I am usingBuilding Standard, and I want to know what ClearCalcs has available in the regularly updatedcalculation library.

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