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Partner with ClearCalcs to instantly deliver your products to thousands of structural engineers worldwide.

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Seamlessly integrate your products and empower engineers, architects, and building designers to specify your high-quality products in their construction projects.

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ClearCalcs sets you up for success from the start. You'll get a dedicated team to support you with training and documentation tailored to your industry.

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Build a branded or white-labeled calculator with us and gain access to powerful APIs to power your in-house software.

Why Manufacturers Choose ClearCalcs

Streamlined Product Specification

Easily Build Member Selector Software without High Development Costs

Differentiate your brand by providing your customers with a professional and cohesive product specification platform.

User-friendly interface and accurate calculations to ensure improved customer satisfaction and reduced errors in specifying products.

Integrate your product specifications with applicable design standards and codes in your area, seamlessly and automatically within ClearCalcs.


Custom White-Labeled App

Unlock Engineering Design Potential with ClearCalcs' No-Code Calculations Builder

Take advantage of ClearCalcs' years of experience serving millions of calculations to thousands of engineers and eliminate the need to develop your own software from scratch.

Utilize ClearCalcs' intuitive interface and comprehensive library of engineering formulas to efficiently create accurate and reliable design tools tailored to your specific materials, products, and industry requirements.

Gain access to powerful APIs to enhance your in-house software with advanced capabilities and integrations, adding real value to your customers.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Maximize Your Product Exposure and Tap into a Global Network of Engineers

Access an extensive network of over 30,000 engineers, architects, and building designers to expand your product exposure and increase the potential for business growth.

Collaborate to showcase your product offerings to an expanded audience with ClearCalcs' off-the-shelf marketing toolbox, which includes webinars, case studies, blog articles, and more.

Obtain detailed insights into how your products are being used in real-world engineering projects and gain a better understanding of your target market.

Calculation presets for your most common structural calculations

Powerful, easy to use software with a library of thousands of common structural sections and a broad range of everyday structural calculations.

I am usingBuilding Standard, and I want to know what ClearCalcs has available in the regularly updatedcalculation library.

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