ESICS: Antenna Properties

In this section, the user can define the type and the number of antennas for their design. The antenna selector lets the user choose between more than 180 antenna types. Figure 2, demonstrates the Antenna selector of the Bracket Checker Calculator. For choosing 2 antennas the user has to select a symmetrical bracket in the bracket properties section. After choosing the right symmetrical bracket, the user is then prompted to another antenna type selector for the second antenna (antenna 2) located on the second pole.


Figure 2. Antenna Selector of the Bracket Checker Calculator

Note that if the user cannot find their antenna in the antenna selector they can choose "custom" at the bottom of the list as shown in Figure 3. Once the user selects custom as their antenna type, a table is prompted to the user that allows the user to define the geometric properties of the custom antenna.


Figure 3. Custom Antenna Selection Process

In the Antenna Properties section, the user also has to define an antenna orientation. This is a very important feature since it is later used for calculating the coordinates and the forces on the antenna. Figure 4 is an image that demonstrates an example of the orientation of the antenna. As seen in Figure 4 antenna orientation is the orientation of the front of the antenna in the clockwise direction where 0 degrees is the true North.


Figure 4. Orientation of Antenna

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