Diaphragm Analysis and Lateral Load Linking for Shear Wall Design


Wednesday, September 27, 2023
5:00 PM

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Learn how to perform flexible diaphragm analysis with ClearCalcs.

About this event

Diaphragm analysis is a crucial aspect of structural design that involves the evaluation and assessment of the behavior and performance of diaphragms within a building or structure.

Diaphragms are horizontal or nearly horizontal elements, such as floors or roofs, that transfer loads between vertical elements, such as walls or columns. They are vital in distributing lateral forces, such as wind or seismic loads, throughout the structure. By analyzing the diaphragm's response to these forces, engineers can ensure that the structure remains stable, resilient, and capable of withstanding various external loads.

Accurate diaphragm analysis helps determine the appropriate design and reinforcement measures, ensuring the overall safety and integrity of the structure.

Join ClearCalcs structural expert, Tara Memarian, on Wednesday, September 27th, from 1 pm to 2 pm Eastern Time (ET) to learn step-by-step procedures to analyze flexible diaphragms and gain valuable insights into how you can speed up the analysis process using available tools in ClearCalcs..

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Introduction to flexible diaphragm analysis and its role in structural design
  • Common use and applications of flexible diaphragms in residential and light commercial buildings
  • Methods for analyzing flexible diaphragm
  • How different tools can help speed up diaphragm analysis and related workflow, such as:
    • Designing and linking wind and seismic loads to diaphragms
    • Linking diaphragm loads into shear wall design
  • Worked examples using Diaphragm Analysis Calculator in ClearCalcs

Webinar Summary


The webinar begins with an introduction to ClearCalcs' new calculator, which is designed to assist engineers in analyzing diaphragms and linking lateral loads for shear wall design. The presenters explain the purpose of this tool and how it can simplify complex calculations.

Understanding the Role of Diaphragms in Structural Systems

The presenters delve into the role of diaphragms in structural systems, explaining that they are crucial in distributing loads. They discuss how loads are transferred into diaphragms and how this affects the overall stability and integrity of a structure.

Different Types of Diaphragms and Code Requirements

This section covers the different types of diaphragms used in construction, including rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible diaphragms. The presenters also discuss the code requirements for analyzing these diaphragms, providing insights into the standards that engineers must adhere to.

Demonstrations Using the Calculator

The presenters then demonstrate how to use the calculator through two work examples. They show how to link wind and seismic loads to the diaphragm analysis and shear wall calculators, illustrating the process step by step. This practical demonstration helps users understand how to effectively use the tool in their own work.

Upcoming Webinars and Feedback

Towards the end of the webinar, the presenters mention upcoming webinars on other topics related to structural engineering. They encourage participants to attend these future sessions for further learning. They also invite feedback on the calculator, emphasizing that user input is valuable in refining and improving the tool.


The webinar concludes with a summary of the key points discussed and a reminder of the importance of diaphragm analysis and lateral load linking in shear wall design. The presenters reiterate the benefits of using ClearCalcs' calculator for these tasks and encourage participants to make the most of this tool in their work.

All registered attendees will receive a recording of the webinar after the event.

Your speakers

Connor Conzelman, Director of Customer Success

Connor is an experienced Mechanical Engineer who found his passion in connecting his people and technical skills to help engineers in every step of their design process. Before joining ClearCalcs, Connor worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer focusing on energy-efficient designs at Elara Engineering in Chicago and completed his MBA from Western Illinois University.

Tara Memarian, Structural Engineer

Tara is a Structural Design Expert with five years of experience in building design. Before joining ClearCalcs, she specialized in structural analysis of complex formwork and scaffolding structures for mid and high-rise buildings. She has also designed a fair share of complex hydraulic climbing systems and tunnels from her time at PERI

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