The Atlas Tube Advantage: HSS Specification and Its Applications in Structural Design


Wednesday, November 15, 2023
6:00 PM

Learn how to maximize efficiency and design versatility with HSS in structural engineering.

About this event

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) have emerged as a revolutionary construction material in today's engineering projects. These innovative sections, characterized by their hollow, tubular shape, are fundamentally changing the way structural engineers approach design and construction. HSS materials have gained prominence for several compelling reasons:

  • HSS offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratios. Their hollow structure allows for efficient distribution of loads, making them ideal for applications where weight reduction is crucial while maintaining structural integrity.
  • HSS sections are easy to fabricate, cut, and weld, reducing labor and production costs. This ease of handling adds to their appeal for engineers and builders alike.
  • As sustainability becomes increasingly important in construction, HSS's recyclability and reduced environmental impact are noteworthy. Using HSS can contribute to green building practices.

Join Brad Fletcher, S.E., Senior Sales Engineer at Atlas Tube, on Wednesday, November 15th, 2023, at 1 pm Eastern Time (ET), as we delve into the world of HSS and its transformative potential in structural engineering.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What are HSS and how are they made?
  • Why are HSS used?
  • Understanding HSS specifications

All registered attendees will receive a recording of the webinar after the event.

Your speakers

Connor Conzelman, Director of Customer Success

Connor is an experienced Mechanical Engineer who found his passion in connecting his people and technical skills to help engineers in every step of their design process. Before joining ClearCalcs, Connor worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer focusing on energy-efficient designs at Elara Engineering in Chicago and completed his MBA from Western Illinois University.

Brad Fletcher, S.E., Senior Sales Engineer, Atlas Tube

Brad Fletcher, S.E., is the senior sales engineer at Atlas Tube. In this role, Brad leverages his 32 years of experience in engineering design and the steel industry to provide technical expertise on the use of steel hollow structural sections (HSS) to design engineers and architects.

A registered structural engineer in the state of Illinois, Brad has held senior positions at leading architecture and engineering firms, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; Sargent & Lundy; and Halvorson and Partners. For the past fifteen years, Brad has focused his efforts on serving as a liaison between structural designers and the steel industry.

Brad holds a BSCE and MSCE from Purdue University. He is active in many industry groups, including AISC, CISC, CSA, STI and ASTM International.

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