An image showing how Australian Standards are available and integrated in ClearCalcs structural engineering design and analysis platform

ClearCalcs Engineers Industry-First Partnership with Standards Australia

Australian engineering and structural design software, ClearCalcs, has launched an industry-first partnership with Standards Australia.

As of today, the Australian Standards which are primary references in the National Construction Code, can be accessed and referenced in real time in the ClearCalcs’ platform alongside its comprehensive calculation tools. It is the first time that these guidelines for the construction and engineering industry have been available in a digitally integrated format.

As the leading independent software platform for engineers looking to check and streamline their calculation needs, ClearCalcs approached Standards Australia knowing that together, they could enable the industry to build more compliant and creative structures.

The partnership was designed to not only promote stronger adoption of industry best practice, but to encourage engineers to more safely and confidently explore new ideas and concepts.

Launched in 2017 by co-founders Chris Borzillo and Steven Robinson, ClearCalcs is a fast growing Australian startup with an established presence locally and in the US, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand.

An image showing ClearCalcs team based in Toronto An image showing ClearCalcs team based in Melbourne Figure 1: Headed up by co-founders Chris Borzillo, CEO, and Steven Robinson, CTO, ClearCalcs team based in Melbourne and Toronto are revolutionizing workflows across engineering construction sector.

The platform houses a comprehensive library of purpose-built calculator tools that enable engineers, architects and building designers to better determine the structural requirements for their projects.

Speaking of the news, Borzillo said, “Integrating Standard Australia’s guidelines into our platform has been a goal of ours since day one. Our calculators are designed to help engineers make confident decisions faster, and we know that they refer to Australian Standards constantly through this process, which makes marrying the two an absolute no-brainer.

ClearCalcs platform showing library of Australian Standards now readily available for engineers to refer to An image showing how Australian Standards are available and integrated in ClearCalcs structural engineering design and analysis platform Figure 2: ClearCalcs now includes access to the Australian Standards which are primary references in the NCC (National Construction Code)

“Feedback so far has been phenomenal, especially from senior engineers who keep commenting on its potential to swiftly educate juniors. With our tools, engineers are able to quickly calculate their specific and comprehensive engineering needs, reducing the time it takes for projects to move from concept to reality. With Australian Standards now a core part of our functionality, the credibility and value of our service will only grow.

“The Standards Australia and ClearCalcs partnership empowers our users to make informed decisions in real-time online, so that they can achieve more with confidence by placing Australian Standards directly alongside the engineer's daily workflow. Together, we are transforming how the engineering industry operates through easy to use, innovation-led distribution of information.

“One of the things that engineers love about working with us is that we enable them to trial new and different materials and solutions that would have previously been too time consuming or costly to consider. Access to up-to-date Australian Standards plays a vital role in giving engineers the confidence to adopt new methods and materials, so in making standards even easier to access and understand, we hope this new partnership will inspire and encourage our clients to lead others in industry to also think outside the box.

Australian Standards now available directly in ClearCalcs' library of calculators Figure 3: Users can directy access relevant clauses and references from within every ClearCalcs calculator with a simple click of a button - no more searching through PDFs to find relevant clauses and formula!

“In a world where housing supply is at crisis point and the need for sustainable construction methods only continues to rise, we take pride in playing a part in helping our clients improve the design of tens of thousands of homes and structures, and are committed to continuing to push innovation we believe can assist with these challenges.”

Daniel Chidgey, Standards Australia’s Head of Commercial Partnerships said, “We are delighted to partner with ClearCalcs to integrate trusted standards information into their innovative software platform, helping engineers make quality decisions with confidence.

“Engineers typically make hundreds of calculations in engineering projects, often using spreadsheets, clunky platforms, and manual calculations. Mistakes when making calculations can lead to extended project timeframes and costly reworks, so they must be done right from the start. Having Standards Australia’s content embedded into ClearCalc’s intuitive engineering platform has great potential to improve their efficiency and accuracy.

“Together, we are transforming how the Australian engineering industry works with standards. It’s been a pleasure partnering with ClearCalcs to bring engineering standards into the digital world.”

As Australia’s leading independent standards organisation, Standards Australia develops and updates the nation’s standards across multiple industries, including construction and engineering. The ClearCalcs platform rollout has been in beta testing since January. Find out more here.

More about ClearCalcs Australian owned, engineering software startup ClearCalcs is creating the world's single source of truth for engineering design calculations. The eng-tech software enables engineers and architects to streamline their calculations across a single platform, from the roof to a building’s foundations, providing unparalleled insight and accuracy to the engineering process.

About Standards Australia Standards Australia is an independent, not for profit organisation, and Australia’s peak non-government standards development organisation. The work of Standards Australia and its contributors from industry, government and the consumer sector enhances the nation's economic efficiency, international competitiveness and contributes to a safe and sustainable environment for all Australians. Standards Australia’s vision is to be a global leader in trusted solutions that improve life – today and tomorrow:

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