Revolutionising Access To Construction Standards


Thursday, May 25, 2023
2:00 AM

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The new engineering technologies enabling innovative, creative and accurate access to construction standards

About this event

ClearCalcs have partnered with Standards Australia to make it easier for engineers to better access, understand, and use relevant engineering standards in real time.

Australian Standards, which are primary references in the National Construction Code, will be integrated into the ClearCalcs platform, with the aim of making it easier for engineers to ensure they are complying with the industry's relevant codes while perfoming key calculations.

To celebrate this partnership, ClearCalcs will be hosting a panel discussion with Daniel Chidgey, Standard Australia's Head of Commercial Partnerships, and Chris Borzillo, ClearCalcs' Co-Founder, and CEO to inspire and engage the industry on the latest in engineering innovation.

The panel theme is: “The new engineering technologies enabling innovative, creative and accurate access to construction standards”

This is your opportunity to get behind the scenes of this industry-first partnership and get the first look at what the Australian Standards integration into ClearCalcs looks like - all while having the opportunity to ask questions directly to ClearCalcs and Standards Australia and unpack what this partnership means for your engineering workflow.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Past and current access to engineering standards, and how technologies are changing it
  • Ways digital technologies improve access to engineering standards and better contribute to the needs of engineering communities
  • Old vs new - finding the balance between knowledge earnt and knowledge learnt

Webinar Summary

The document is a transcript of a live panel event on Revolutionising Access To Construction Standards, hosted by ClearCalcs. The discussion focuses on new technologies that make it easier for engineers to better understand and use relevant engineering standards in real time. The panel includes Chris Borzillo, Co-Founder and CEO of ClearCalcs, and Daniel Chidgey, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Standards Australia.

The panelists discuss the challenges faced by organizations in keeping up with emerging technologies and trends, and the need to evolve to deliver dependable solutions that meet the demands and expectations of users. They also highlight the importance of collaboration among stakeholders in the engineering industry to push for innovation and move forward.

Standards Australia is looking at alternative pathways to get content to the market faster, including establishing projects instead of relying solely on their network of committees. They are also partnering with innovative companies like ClearCalcs to democratize access to standards and improve efficiencies in digital workflows. Meanwhile, ClearCalcs is excited about the partnership as it brings together stakeholders to identify how engineers' workflow can be improved by integrating standards.

The panelists emphasize the importance of delivering innovative user experiences to support the effective use of standards in the AEC industry. They discuss the challenges faced by engineers in gathering data from different databases and sources, maintaining an audit trail for millions of components, and adhering to standards requirements in a sensible workflow. The integration of relevant industry standards and content into digital workflows can make a positive impact on businesses' decision-making processes, efficiency, compliance, and productivity gains.

The panelists discuss the potential of AI-powered assistance to provide accurate insights using standards, as well as the endless possibilities of technology such as using phones to verify products against standard information. They express excitement about the collaboration between Standards Australia and ClearCalcs, which brings together different expertise to improve engineering workflows and democratize access to standards.

The panelists discuss how digitizing standards can provide significant opportunities to better understand customer usage and improve standards content over time. They also highlight the importance of feedback from industry stakeholders to develop and evolve standards content, as well as exploring value-add solutions such as online training and commentary.

The panelists then showcase a demo of ClearCalcs, which integrates Australian standards directly into engineering workflows, allowing engineers to filter and access the standards they need with ease. The platform also includes advanced natural language search and sharing capabilities to enhance collaboration among teams. They encourage users to provide feedback to continue driving innovation in the industry.

Your speakers

Alex McCall, Head of Operations, ClearCalcs

Alex McCall, Head of Operations, ClearCalcs

Alex is Head of Operations at

Before joining ClearCalcs, Alex originally had a background in Geotechnical Engineering and has since held a range of positions with software startups in Australasia. His transition to software has enabled him to focus on delivering scalable business solutions that make the world a better place.

Chris Borzillo, Co-Founder and CEO, ClearCalcs

Chris Borzillo, Co-Founder and CEO, ClearCalcs

Chris is the CEO and Co-founder of ClearCalcs.

Before founding ClearCalcs, Chris had a background in marketing and IT, working in the engineering and FMCG industries where he discovered his passion for learning how things work, and finding ways to make them better.

Daniel Chidgey, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Standards Australia

Daniel is responsible for the Commercial Partnerships team at Standards Australia, working with leading companies and innovators to provide users with an ultra-premium standards experience.

Daniel has 15 years of experience working with government, industry, and business leaders across diverse leadership roles at Standards Australia and the Government. He enjoys collaborating with stakeholders, solving tough challenges, and exploring big ideas to turn them into income-producing products, services, and technologies.

Daniel’s qualifications include a Master of Strategic Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Canberra.

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