How to Calculate Wind Loads to AS/NZ 1170.2:2011

ClearCalcs includes an easy to use Wind Load Calculator to AS1170.2 that allows the quick determination of wind loads for 8 cardinal directions, or worst case direction. The below help video demonstrates a simple and complex worked example for how to use the calculator. Scroll down further for a full length webinar on Wind Design to AS1170.2, as well as accompanying slides.

Simple and Complex Wind Worked Example Video

Watch worked example video on how to analyse simple and complex wind.

AS1170.2 Wind Design Webinar Video

Wind Design to AS 1170.2 Webinar - ClearCalcs from ClearCalcs.

AS1170.2 Wind Design Webinar Slides

Wind Design to AS/NZ 1170.2 Webinar Slides - ClearCalcs from ClearCalcs

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