How to View, Modify or Cancel Your Subscription

You can check the status of your subscription and make modifications at any time by going to your Billing page from the home screen after you log in. (The Billing screen is only visible to account administrators).


How to View Your Billing History and Past Invoices

From the Billing screen, you can see a history of past transactions on your account including date, payment method, and amount, as well as an invoice details link that will take you to a detailed invoice page where you can also download the specific invoice as a PDF.

How to Change Your Credit Card Details

You can easily change your credit card number, expiry date, billing email, and billing address by clicking the Change Payment Details button on the Billing screen.

How to Modify Your Subscription

You can add or remove users at any point during your subscription period, as well as change between Yearly and Monthly subscriptions. To do so, click the Modify Plan button from the billing screen and make your desired plan or user changes.

Any payments that have already been applied to your account will be pro-rated onto the new plan (for example, if you reduce the number of users on your account, the unused portion of your subscription will be applied as a credit towards your next bill. If you add new users, you will only be charged for the additional users, and only for the time remaining in this billing period). Our annual subscriptions offer great savings over our monthly, and many engineers choose to change to these.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any point. To do so, got to the Billing page and then click the red Cancel Subscription button then confirm. Any future recurring payments will be cancelled and your Billing page will be updated to reflect the new status of your plan. If you are currently on a Yearly or Monthly plan, you will still be able to use all of the platform features and calculations up until the cancellation date, at which point your plan will downgrade and you will lose access to premium features. You can re-activate your subscription at any time by subscribing to a new plan.

Please note that as per our Terms and Conditions we do offer a small grace period for monthly and recurring plans to protect users who may have forgotten to cancel their service. Please submit a support ticket to us and we will refund your unused renewal.

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