Adding Users to Your Account

To add a user to your account, you need to be an administrator, and go to your users page.

ClearCalcs makes it easy for teams to share and collaborate on projects from any location without the need to email back and forth or sync complicated shared drives. Every new user gets their own account and password they can use to login, with the added benefit that they will be able to see other user's projects, and view the audit log for each calculation to see a history of any changes by different users.

Adding a new user takes less than a minute - simply go to the ClearCalcs home screen and click 'Manage Users' on the left hand side.


From the manage users page, you can easily invite new users to your account (they will receive an email confirmation to create a login), remove users, or promote new administrators.


N.B: To add users to your account, make sure you are an account administrator (the option will be missing if you are not). By default, the person who created the ClearCalcs account is the administrator who can then promote other administrators.

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