How to Cantilever or Overhang a Beam (Fixed or Propped)

ClearCalcs supports unlimited spans and allows fixed or propped cantilevers on either or both sides of a beam.

By default all newly created beams are simply supported, with supports located at 0ft (or mm) and equal to span length respectively (this is denoted by a yellow cell which has the formula =L). To edit spans, or make a beam a cantilever:

1. Specify the total length of the beam in the key properties section (for example, 14ft)


2. Edit the support location table below and add or remove supports as you desire. N.B. ClearCalcs assumes all locations of loads and supports as distance from the left. As you amend the support locations, the diagrams on the right hand side of the screen will automatically update to reflect your changes.

Example 1: 14ft simply supported beam with the second support located at 8ft, creating a 6ft propped cantilever on the right hand side.



Example 2: 14 ft fixed cantilevered beam with a single fixed support on the right hand side (i.e., located at 14ft).



The examples above are for relatively simple beams, however you may continue to add as many spans or braces as you would like.

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