Academic Licenses

How Academic and Student Licences Work

We are extremely pleased to provide complementary access to ClearCalcs for students, educators, and researchers. If you are an educator and interested in how ClearCalcs can be used in your educational institution and would like to discuss our additional coursework support services, please email

How do I get academic access?

If you sign up for ClearCalcs with an eligible university or education institution email (for example, one ending with .edu) you will automatically be placed onto our free Academic license.

What does the Academic license include?

This license includes the same calculator access as our paid Pro plan except for limiting your account to a single user, and watermarking print.

How long does the Academic license last?

Your Academic license will expire 2 years after you sign up, after which you will revert to our free access tier which lets you view and print old work, but restricts creation of new calcs. If you would like to extend your Academic license after this, please email with your reasoning.

Can I move to a paid plan?

Yes, you can move over to a paid plan at any time and unlock multi user access and non-watermarked print. Simply go to and choose a plan.

Can I use an Academic license for for commercial work?

Our Academic license is strictly for non-commercial use only. If you are using it for commercial work, you must choose a paid plan at

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