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Fast and straightforward online engineering calculators for wood, steel, concrete, and masonry design.

Looking for a Structural Toolkit alternative with more functionality and none of the licensing hassles? ClearCalcs is a straightforward Structural Toolkit alternative with a familiar, easy to use interface, time saving calculators, and online access you can take anywhere.

Broader and Deeper Calculations

Similar to Structural Toolkit, ClearCalcs has a great range of easy to use calculators for quickly designing beams, columns and footings that engineers rely on everyday.

Designed from the ground up to be fast, simple, and online, ClearCalcs is constantly being updated based on user feedback, so not only can you expect great support, but you can also look forward to a more powerful range of calculators that already includes wood, steel, concrete, wind, cold-formed steel, and portal frame analysis.

"With ClearCalcs, framing calculations are now the easiest part of my job."

- Damian B.

An example of the AS4600 Steel Beam Calculator

Even More Capability

With support for unlimited span continuous beams, unlimited loads, automatic unit conversion, and lightning fast portal frame analysis, ClearCalcs doesn't force you to compromise your design. Allowing for more than just gravity loads, earthquake, wind, snow, and alternate loads can also be added for an even more encompassing design.

Best of all, all ClearCalcs calculators are aware of each other, and can be dynamically linked so they share loads and reactions that automatically update to reflect changes.

"Awesome updates. I rely heavily on your program everyday, without exception. I couldn't do without the platform. Love your work."

- Kerry A.

A screenshot of the ASCE 7-16 wind calculator

Get Faster Answers

ClearCalcs makes accurate design easy, with minimal input required to get a first result in only seconds.

Dynamic diagrams and charts not only make it easy to see exactly how your changes affect the design, but also flow through to highly professional, comprehensive reports. Our intuitive pop up member selector shows working sections at a glance, eliminating guesswork. Favourite sections can be saved for quick access, and used with our 'AutoSize' function for a one click working design.

"It's been a natural adoption with no training required, and I've already seen benefit over the last 12 months. Support is always given within the same day of any queries I've had - thanks!"

- Nick K.

A screenshot of the automatic member selector

Intuitive Help and Reports

Help is built into ClearCalcs from the ground up. We have comprehensive help documentation and examples for each calculation, but you can also click on any field to see the exact description, formula, and standards reference used. All of this is backed up by our comprehensive online support center, regular training webinars, and friendly phone support.

All calculations follow an easy to understand traffic light check system, with multiple levels of detail available to provide only as much information as required.

"It has given me and my colleagues a greater understanding of the formulations, and confidence to discuss these with our clients."

- Daniel S.

An example PDF report of the AS1720.1 Timber Beam Calculator

Take Your Calculations With You

With ClearCalcs, you never need to worry about losing an access dongle, installing a bad update, or searching for an old file. All ClearCalcs calculations back up automatically, and are available online anywhere, with no install or updates required. Fire up your computer, tablet, or mobile and get started immediately - even on site!

With simple individual and shared plans, ClearCalcs is an even more cost effective cloud solution for solo engineers and teams, with set up possible in only minutes.

"The ability to access and complete calculations from anywhere allows me to meet deadlines without worrying about licenses or sacrificing time at home."

- Andrew G.

A screenshot of the available engineering calculator selector

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