Custom Thin-Walled Section Properties Calculator to American Standards

Easy to use online Custom Thin-Walled Section Properties software for American standards.


Perform rapid buckling analysis of any thin-walled cross-section. Default options make it easy to input the geometry for Cees, Zeds, or any arbitrary folding of sheet material. The analysis runs a port of CUFSM (Constrained and Unconstrained Finite Strip Method) in the background, to obtain critical buckling parameters Mol, Mod, and Mo for use in the Direct Strength Method of analysis for materials such as cold-formed steel and aluminium. Traditional cross-section properties such as second moments of area, section moduli, and warping and torsion constants are also output. Within the ClearCalcs platform, arbitrary cross-sections can be linked in to design calculators to use your custom cross-section in a design.

Key Sections in the Custom Thin-Walled Section Properties Calculator

  • Material Properties
  • Advanced Parameters (usually only useful in research)
  • Raw Nodes and Elements (pyCUFSM Inputs)
  • Constrained Finite Strip Method (cFSM) Parameters
  • Full Elastic Results
  • Full Plastic Results
  • Full Warping Results

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