Custom Cross-Section Properties Calculator to American Standards

Easy to use online Custom Cross-Section Properties software for American standards.


Perform lightning fast analysis of any arbitrary cross-section. Default options make it easy to input the geometry for I-section, T-sections, angles, Cees, Zeds, and more. Analysis outputs include everything from second moments of area to section moduli to warping and torsion constants. Within the ClearCalcs platform, arbitrary cross-sections can be linked in to design calculators to use your custom cross-section in a design.

Presets Available

Presets enable you to quickly design a wide range of different calculation types using smart, prefilled settings to save time.

  • Generic Custom Section
  • Channel and Angle
  • Channel and Plate
  • Back-to-Back Channels
  • I-Section and RHS
  • I-Section and Plate

Key Sections in the Custom Cross-Section Properties Calculator

  • Material Properties (only required for linking)
  • Corrosion / Perimeter Offset
  • Composite Section Geometry
  • Full Elastic Results
  • Full Plastic Results
  • Full Warping Results

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