Wall Analysis (ASD) Calculator to IBC 2009-2018, IRC 2009-2018, ASCE 7-10 & 7-16

Easy to use online Wall Analysis (ASD) software for American standards.


Quickly analyse factored loads on a wall with the ClearCalcs Wall Analysis calculator. The calculator allows unlimited loads on the top of the wall and supports at the bottom of the wall, and automatically factors loads to United States standards for fast analysis of strength and serviceability limit states.

Presets Available

Presets enable you to quickly design a wide range of different calculation types using smart, prefilled settings to save time.

  • Lower Floor Interior Wall
  • Top Floor Interior Wall
  • Lower Floor Exterior Wall
  • Top Floor Exterior Wall
  • Wall Under Floor Lintel
  • Top Floor Wall Under Lintel
  • Railing

Key Sections in the Wall Analysis (ASD) Calculator

  • Supporting Members Perpendicular to Wall
  • Supports Parallel to Wall
  • Loads at Top of Wall
  • Load Combination Analysis
  • Unfactored Load Analysis
  • Supporting Member Reactions

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