Timber Bolt Calculator to AS 1720.1:2010

Easy to use online Timber Bolt software for Australian standards.


Easily design and analyse timber bolt connections with the ClearCalcs Timber Bolt Calculator to AS 1720.1:2010. The calculator assumes bolt patterns subject to direct shear, in-plane moment, or tension. Detailing requirements including clause 4.4.4 modifications are to be checked separately. Joints are assumed as concentric (or effects of eccentricity per clause 4.4.6 are to be checked separately). All bolts and washers must be the same size.

Key Sections in the Timber Bolt Calculator

  • Applied Loads
  • Load Combinations
  • Critical Loads on Individual Bolts
  • Type 1 Joint Analysis for Shear in X-direction
  • Type 1 Joint Analysis for Shear in Y-direction
  • Type 2 Joint Analysis for Axial Tension

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