Steel Member (Design Only) Calculator to AS 4100:1998 (R2016)

Easy to use online Steel Member (Design Only) software for Australian standards.


The Steel Member Design Only calculator to AS 4100:1998, is perfect for the fast capacity design of steel members where engineers already have analysis results available (for example, when forces are being taken from a 3D analysis model of a steel structure). By enabling easy input of analysis forces on the member, the steel member calculator enables the fast, optimised selection of steel members from our library of thousands of Australian steel sections.

Presets Available

Presets enable you to quickly design a wide range of different calculation types using smart, prefilled settings to save time.

  • Manual Input
  • (BETA) Link to Analysis Module

Key Sections in the Steel Member (Design Only) Calculator

  • Design Loads
  • Design Criteria
  • Member Properties
  • Member Properties about Principal Axes
  • Member Properties about Geometric Y-axis
  • Compression Section Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 6.2)
  • Compression Member Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 6.3)
  • Moment Section Capacities about Principal Axes (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.3)
  • Moment Section Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.3)
  • Moment Capacity about Principal Axes (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.1 & 5.6.1-2)
  • Biaxial Moment Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 8.3.4 and/or Cl 8.4.5)
  • Compression - Bending Moment Interaction (AS 4100:1998, Cl 8)
  • Shear Capacity about X-axis (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.11)
  • Shear Capacity about Y-axis (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.11)
  • Shear - Bending Moment Interaction about X-axis (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.12)
  • Shear - Bending Moment Interaction about Y-axis (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.12)
  • Bearing Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.13)
  • Bending & Bearing Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 5.13.5)
  • Tension Capacity (AS 4100:1998, Cl 7)
  • Tension - Bending Moment Interaction (AS 4100:1998, Cl 8)

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