Concrete Wall Footing Calculator to AS 3600:2018 (Amdt 1)

Easy to use online Concrete Wall Footing software for Australian standards.


Easily design and analyse a concrete wall footing using the ClearCalcs Concrete Wall Footing Analysis and Design to AS3600:2018 (Amdt 1) calculator. The calculator provides instant results for moment, and shear, as well as stability checks and compressive stress. It assumes the wall is placed either at the center of the footing or along the edge, and the only loads are vertical uniform loads along the length of the wall or uniaxial bending moments about an axis parallel to the wall. Detailed considerations and deflections are checked separately.

Key Sections in the Concrete Wall Footing Calculator

  • Reinforcement in Wall Footing
  • Applied Loads
  • Load Case Analysis
  • Unfactored Load Analysis
  • Stress Distribution
  • Flexural Analysis (AS 3600:2018, Cl 8.1)
  • Shear Analysis (AS 3600:2018, Cl 8.2)
  • Bearing Capacity Analysis

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