Cold-Formed Steel Stud / Column Calculator to AS4600-2018

Easy to use online Cold-Formed Steel Stud / Column software for Australian & New Zealand standards.


Design Pand analyse cold-formed steel studs and columns to AS4600:2018 using the ClearCalcs cold-formed steel column calcultator. With a database of all common Australian light gauge and cold formed sections, the calculator enables the easy modelling of axial loading on a cold-formed steel column with support for variable strong axis, weak axis, and torsional bracing.

Key Sections in the Cold-Formed Steel Stud / Column Calculator

  • Loads
  • Load Combinations (AS1170.0)
  • Member Properties
  • Nominal Section Capacity (AS4600-2018, Cl 3.4.1)
  • Nominal Member Capacity (AS4600-2018, Cl 3.4.1 &
  • Extension Analysis (AS4600-2018, Cl

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