L-Type Cantilever Retaining Wall Calculator to AS 4678:2002

Easy to use online L-Type Cantilever Retaining Wall software for Australian standards.


The ClearCalcs L-type Cantilever Retaining Wall Calculator provides fast, customisable design and analysis calculations for AS4678. The calculator assumes no shear key, no soil inclined behind the structure, and does not include wind or earthquake loads. Rankine theory is used to determine lateral earth pressure, and retained soil is assumed to be in the active state, with soil cover in front of the retaining wall toe in the passive state. Concrete detailing needs to be checked separately.

Key Sections in the L-Type Cantilever Retaining Wall Calculator

  • Retained Soil Properties
  • Retaining Wall Movement (Static)
  • Retaining Wall Movement (Dynamic)
  • Base Soil Properties
  • Reinforced Concrete Properties
  • Unfactored Vertical and Horizontal Loads for Stability Design
  • Stability Analysis - Sliding Check
  • Stability Analysis - Overturning Check
  • Stability Analysis - Soil Bearing Check
  • Unfactored Vertical Loads for Structural Strength Design
  • Loads on Wall Stem for Structural Strength Design
  • Loads on Wall Base for Structural Strength Design
  • Flexural Analysis of Wall Stem
  • Flexural Analysis of Wall Base
  • Shear Analysis of Wall Stem
  • Shear Analysis of Wall Base

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