Image showing retaining wall diagram with text How to Design Sleeper Retaining Wall

Ati Aziz

Sleeper retaining wall design to AS 4678-2002 & 2159-2009

How to Design Sleeper Retaining Wall to Australian Standards 4678-2002 & 2159-2009 with ClearCalcs

In residential house construction, a retaining wall is required when there is a significant slope on the property that is being built on, and support is needed to hold back a sloping section of soil.

Primarily, the function of a retaining wall is to resist the weight of soil pushing against it, and the design of it needs to ensure deep enough foundations and strong enough structural components. One of the most challenging aspects of designing a retaining wall is accurately understanding the impact of the soil properties on the retaining wall calculations.

Our Head of Engineering R&D, Brooks Smith, shared how you can use ClearCalcs to solve your sleeper retaining wall design calculations. We showed you how to keep your parameters as simple as possible while ensuring your calculations are accurate, make conservative assumptions to make your calculations work, and how you can easily link reactions between the sleepers and the retaining wall.

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